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ABSORBENT AND ANTI-LEAK DESIGN Four layers of absorbent and leak proof lining design, for days with menstrual cycle heavy flow, post delivery bleeding postpartum recovery after C-section or light incontinence, avoid leakage embarrassments on pants or sheets, you can move freely while working or sports during period.

FULL PROTECTION Can be worn up to 6-12 hours depending on your flow. Can be  used to replace a pad or worn with a pad. Full wide back coverage and extended protective lining in the front ensure no messy stains on sheets or clothes, giving extra protection against leakage; the leak proof lining can prevent liquid going through. For heavy days, use with pads, cups or tampons together for perfect protection.

FABRIC 95% Organic Cotton 5% Spandex - Crotch: 100% Cotton. Soft, comfortable, breathable and durable.

SUPER SOFT Ultra soft sanitary panties, our underwear is made of super soft fabric, with high proportion of premium cotton, it’s breathable, comfy and elastic; natural dyeing, no need to worry if you are sensitive skin, no fading, soft and healthy, brings you all days and all nights comfort; with high elasticity, our waistband is more stretchy, no ride up, no roll down, doesn’t squeeze into your skin.

WASHING:  Rinse in cold water hand wash or machine cold wash without bleach or softener (preferably use a wash bag to avoid to damage the fabric). 

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