First Period Gift Set +5 Girls Panties+ E-Book So You Have Your Period

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    Set Includes
    • Socks
    • Mirror
    • Lip Gloss
    • Phone Pop Socket
    • Panties
    • Discreet Sanitary Bag
      Breathable material that feels barely there for maximum comfort.
      • Must be worn with a pad
      • Materials: Cotton/Spandex
      • Easy cleaning: Wash in cold water on gentle cycle (or by hand) and air dry
      • So You Have Your Period
      • How to talk to your daughter about her period?
      • How to talk to your son about a period
      • What is a period?
      • Do's and don'ts
      • tips &Hacks 
      • And lots' more interesting topic

      Mirror Color
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      Since starting Awesomeliyou, Aaliyah has been featured on multiple platforms such as Afrotech, Dr. Boyce Watkins, Blackmomsblog, seen, yahoo, Ari Lenox, Summer Walker and many more. To see what the buzz is all about go ahead and try her product and let us know your thoughts.